Demolition and Recycling Contractor

Being prepared to handle any sort of problem…

At Frontier Industrial, we’re in the demolition business. As such, our company carries a certain set of risk factors that you just don’t find in other industries.

We work on large-scale projects with heavy machinery and the potential for injury or damage is never far from my mind. The last thing we need is to derail a project because we’re not prepared to handle an unexpected problem.

Ever since we started working with Hoffman Hanafin, I’ve stopped worrying about being unprepared. They’ve been a trusted partner that has helped us mitigate our risk and provided all the surety support we need to grow our business and the insurance and risk management we need to make sure that we’re fully protected and compliant with all regulations for any job.

Rob Zuchlewski
COO, Frontier Industrial Corp.

HVAC Contractor

The level of comfort we need…

HVAC contracting is a competitive business. There are lots of companies vying for a limited pool of work and so it’s very important that I manage my business as strategically as possible.

That’s why I work with Hoffman Hanafin. When I have questions, they have answers. It’s that simple.

Every time I need them, they’re their for me, making sure that my business is protected and my assets are taken care of. It’s wonderful to know that they have my back and I really appreciate how they act as a partner who’s as invested in my success as I am.


Managing risk…

Working in landscaping, there are lots of potential pitfalls that could impact my business. I work with large equipment, tight timelines that keep my team moving fast, and, often times, employees at multiple locations. And, of course, we do all of our work on clients’ property so there are liability issues to keep in mind there too.

Hoffman Hanafin has been with me through the years to ensure that my business is protected and insulated from as much risk as possible. The personal attention they give me and my business let me focus on expanding my business and growing my bottom line.

I know that their professional staff takes pride in providing me with a risk management plan that is focused on keeping me safe.

James E. Hornung Jr.
President, Elbers Landscape Service Inc. & Great Lakes Athletic Fields, Inc.


For when the worst happens…

Over the years that my manufacturing company has been in business, I’ve learned one truth: expect the unexpected.

I pride myself on running a smooth operation, but accidents happen. The team at Hoffman Hanafin has helped me make sure I’m managing my risk and that I have a plan in place when things do go wrong. They understand that I can’t afford to move slowly in addressing these issues and when a situation arises, I’m ready to handle it because of their guidance and the risk management program they have created for me.

Hoffman Hanafin has helped my business recover from adversity and provided me with the peace of mind to focus on what is important – running and growing my company.